Giving Presents Becoming Traditional

At the end of the year, we organized the traditional event of giving presents to those that need them most.

Collecting different donations, we were able to help Children’s Home “Ivana Brlić Mažuranić” in Rijeka and Lovran, Rehabilitation Center “Fortica” in Kraljevica, Paediatric Surgery Clinic in Rijeka and the Association of Animal Friends “Kira” in Rijeka.

For children in Children’s Home we were able to donate clothes, footwear and a stereo system and for children in Rehabilitation Center Fortica we donated a several month supply of sanitary products, just like last year.

We made the little patients of the Paediatric Surgery Clinic happy by donating a television set along with pillows, pillow cases, wet tissues, blankets and trolleys.

This was the first time we helped the Association of Animal Friends “Kira” which takes care of abandoned dogs. To support their mission, we donated them blankets, towels, food bowls, puppy mats and dog food.

Our plan is to continue with this activity in the coming year and we are all looking forward to it.